Epilepsy & Sleep Disorders

Different Kinds of Epilepsy: 

  • Focal Onset Seizures: Can Be Without Loss of Consciousness or With Loss of Consciousness     >>>> With Motor  or Non-Motor involvement >>>> Can be Focal or Bilateral Tonic-Clonic
  • Generalized Onset Seizures: Has Loss of Consciousnessb >>>Motor (Tonic-Clonic and/or Other Motor) >>>Can be Non-Motor (Absence Seizures)
  • Unknown Onset:  Motor (Tonic-Clonic and other Motor) >>> Non-Motor: (Absence)


Generalized Onset Seizures: Both sides of the Brain or Groups of cells on Bilateral Brain at the same time. Examples include: Tonic Clonic Epilepsy, Absence or Atonic Seizures.

Focal Onset Seizures: This Type is also called Partial Epilepsy. Focal seizures can start in one area or group of of cells in one side of the brain.

Focal Onset without loss of consciousness (Simple Partial Seizures) Its called Focal Awake Seizure.

Focal Onset with loss of consciousness: (Complex Partial Seizures) Person can be confused or their awareness is compromised in some manner. Its called Focal Impaired Conscious Seizure.

Unknown Onset Seizures:  If the beginning of a seizure is not known or its onset is not witnessed or seen by anyone, like night time seizures, its called Unknown onset Seizures. Such seizures maybe later classified as Focal or Generalized after more information are available.


Anti-Epileptic Drugs:



Dr. Shaikh had been involved in sleep medicine since his residency and later he spent time as Clinical Instructor (Fellow) in Sleep Medicine at Knollwood Hospital, Mobile, AL.

He continues to help his patients with different sleep problems including:

  • Insomnias
  • Hypersomnias
  • Narcolepsy/ Cataplexy
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Parasomnias Other sleep problems

For Obstructive Sleep Apnea, we use hospital based sleep study at this time. Soon we will use Home Based Sleep Study protocol to add comfort to the patient. To learn more about the home based sleep study please call at 251-460-9095 to make an appointment. You must be evaluated to determine the need for such testing before we can schedule the study.

We will add more information on this page.