Pain Management

Pain Categories: Back Pain & Radiculopathies Myofascial Pain Syndromes Headaches Chronic Pelvic Pain Peripheral Neuropathies Facial Pain Post-Herpetic Neurolgia Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Oncological Pain Other Pain Categories Dystonias and Spasticities Pain Management All patients suffering with pain must realize that like other Physicians and Medical Professionals involved in pain management, we at Gulf Neurology have the responsibility of our decisions. We are here to help you. However, we must establish that you meet the criteria for a specific treatment. Treatment modalities may involve passive medical and/or invasive medical protocols and your Physician will discuss the different options with you. The best treatment is one that helps relieve the pain and suffering. IF YOU ARE INFORMED THAT A CERTAIN PROTOCOL IS NOT FOR YOU, PLEASE DO NOT INSIST. YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO SEEK HELP SOMEWHERE ELSE. WE WILL NOT SIMPLY FILL IN YOUR PRESCRIPTION EVEN IF ANOTHER PHYSICIAN HAS PRESCRIBED IT FOR MANY YEARS. WE MUST ESTABLISH AND CONFIRM YOUR DIAGNOSIS BEFORE ANY TREATMENT PROTOCOL. Pain Management may include Urine Drug Screening. To avoid unnecessary expense we will consider recent medical records from previous Physicians. Pain management at Gulf Neurology Center may involve but not limit to: Pharmacological management Peripheral Nerve Blocks Head and Neck Blocks Botox Injections Epidural Injections Physical Therapy Psychological interventions Other Treatments Our objective is to provide pain relief for a better quality of life and to enable the patient to participate in work related activities if not permanently disabled. Criteria: Pain Management plan is made with the following considerations: Subjective complaints that includes detailed history and physical examinations. Diagnostic studies that may include X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI’s, Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG. In general, combination of the above makes it easier to decide about the nature and extent of any treatment plan. it is unwise to insist for certain medications unless you have a reasonable side effects from certain prescriptions. WARNING: ALL PATIENTS AT GULF NEUROLOGY ARE ADVISED NOT TO ABUSE RECREATIONAL DRUGS, NOT TO SHARE PAIN MEDICATIONS WITH OTHERS, NOT TO ALTER THE QUANTITY AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF SUCH VIOLATIONS. AS A PHYSICIAN WE STAND BY OUR OATH TO HELP YOU BUT AT THE SAME TIME WE HAVE TO HONOR THE LAW AND FAMILIARIZE OURSELVES OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Warning: All narcotics cause impairment of cognitive functions and judgments. We take no responsibility of anyone’s actions while driving, negotiating or performing any task of any category that needs alert and active brain functions. Please don’t drive with any drug that can impair your judgement even if you have been using it for long time. Management of Common Opioid Induced Side Effects: Under review