Brain Injuries

(Disclosure: This article is for general information only. Please see your Physician for final diagnosis or treatment. As a private Medical Practitioner in Neurology, Dr. Shaikh does give his opinions for Disability Benefits, Insurance related claims associated with accidents, long term care of Brain injury patients, Independent Medical Examiner and Second Opinion Record Reviews. Dr. Shaikh is not involved in Brain injury rehabilitation at his office at Gulf Neurology Center) 

Types of Brain Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries : Most common type of brain injury by motor vehicle accidents, sports, falls, assault. About 200,000 cases per year in USA severe enough to cause brain dysfunction.
  • Chemical Brain Injuries   : Carbon Monooxide, Lead, Mercury, Molds, Cleaning solvents, Pesticides, Air Freshners, Drugs abuse, Alcohol Abuse, 
  • Psychological Brain Injuries : 


Fatigue   Headaches,   Attention Disorder   Dizziness   Vertigo    Nausea, Emotional Disorder    Mild Euphoria   Mood Swings   Depression   Memory Deficit   Stupor    Visual impairment, Auditory dysfunction, olfactory impairment.

Hallucination, Speech impairment, Chewing and Swallaowing problem, Seizures, Coma, Death

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