Shaikh NeuroMedical Center

COVID-19 National Emergency: All our established or new patients will be seen by appointment at our office as usual during the mentioned hours. Dr. Shaikh will offer online/Phone consultations to anyone in USA and Canada. Please use our website for such a need. Please stay safe and practice extreme hygiene for yourself, your family and friends. Use face mask, keep distance, clean hands. Use Vaccine.

Gulf Neurology Center is registered with Alabama Department of Health to provide COVID-19 Vaccination. 



Shaikh NeuroMedical Center (Premier Health Systems, Inc.) office is centrally located in Mobile, Alabama.

Gulf Neurology Center is staffed and directed by ILYAS A. SHAIKH, MD. Our Neurology clinic is different by the fact that in addition to office consultation, we offer urgent care services in Neurological Disorders including IV treatments and onsite patient observation for non-critical cases to save a trip to the hospital. You must be an established patient or referred by your primary Physician to utilize our urgent care services. Our sister office, Shaikh Neuroscience Center in Decatur, GA provides consultation services only. Shaikh Neuroscience Clinic in Mobile, AL is part of the Gulf Neurology Center.

Dr. Shaikh brings sound knowledge and extensive experience in the management of Neurological Disorders including:

  • Brain and Spine Injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis (Neuro-Immunology)
  • Epilepsy
  • Dizziness/Vertigo
  • Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders
  • Headaches,  Neuralgias and Neuromuscular Pain and other Disorders
  • Stroke and Neuro-Vascular Disorders

 Gulf Neurology Center offers optimal patient care. All relevant diagnostic testing is performed under one roof. We have state of the art equipment for diagnostic testing:

  1. EEG (Epilepsy)
  2. NCV and EMG (Neuro-Muscular Disorders)
  3. Evoked Potentials (MS & Neuromuscular)
  4. Ultrasound Lab for Diagnostic and Treatment protocols

We also have an excellent Vascular Lab operated by Certified Technologists. The Vascular Lab offers; CAROTID DOPPLER, ARTERIAL DOPPLER, VENOUS DOPPLER, and TRANSCRANIAL DOPPLER studies. Such tests are usually scheduled in advance or can be performed on the day of appointment based on the need and availability of service. 

 Warning: Email contacts are not meant for immediate patient care. You must call 251-460-9095 for your medication or other urgent care needs during regular office hours.

Local vendors/Hospitals provide our patients with CT, MRI and other neuroimaging help. To obtain the best image possible for the best diagnostic impression, we partner with our patients and they may be sent to the best place possible and available. We do not place a limit on technological excellence.

We accept all non-HMO Private Insurance Plans, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman Comp. Accident Claims,  Cash patients, Second Opinions, Independent Medical and Neurological Examination and case reviews. We do not work for payments based on litigation settlements. Please be advised that as a Medical Doctor, Dr. Shaikh will help his patients but without any professional standard compromise. 
For an appointment please contact our office at 251-460-9095

Dr. Shaikh may be able to answer some of your questions by email. However, you must be an established patient for such communication. Dr. Shaikh is licensed in Alabama and Georgia. Please send your email to 

 Office Hours: (Appointments Only)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday : 8:00AM - 5:00PM 

Wednesdays: Special Contract Examination, Consultation, Procedures/Diagnostic Testing, Case Reviews and (Patients during COVID-19 Emergency)

Fridays: Patient Care at other location

  • 4325 Downtowner Loop N.  Mobile, AL. 36609 (Main Office)
  • Shaikh NeuroMedical Center, 5045 Covington Hwy. Decatur, GA (This is a reference address only at this time)